A Greece/Turkey/Germany/France CO-PRODUCTION
96mins Greek with English subtitles
Written by Panos Karkanevatos & Isidoros Zourgos
Produced by Panos Karkanevatos
Cast: Andreas Konstantinou, Elena Mavridou, Levent Uzumco


Director Panos Karkanevatos powerfully infuses his decades of working within the European Film Industry into RIVERBANKS. A film that essentially provides a behind-the-scenes drama of how we in North America are stunned and shocked by drowned infants on Greek Coasts.

This is a finely wired film that cannot contain the raw images and dire circumstances it deals with, but instead suggests the catalyst conditions before the headlines. As always, (like in the last decade or so of the Greek New Wave, the performances are riveting and completely convincing.

There is not one false note in Karkanevatos’ film. The only thing that can be said is that he nailed a tragedy but the reality he captured erupts daily now.

Canadians are not afforded the chance to see a film like this unless it was at TIFF 8 weeks ago. The EU Film Festival has been ordaining films like these for almost a decade now. RIVERBANKS is an intense and timely film that deserves such a wider audience. So Tuesday November 15 at the Royal is your opportunity to view the rare works of a talented filmmaker like Karkanevatos in our city.

Tuesday November 15
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
The Royal Cinema
608 College St