Director's Message

Thursday, January 18, 2018


In the spirit of the retrospective that we began developing in the winter of 2010, I am confident that we have reached deep into the rich past of Greek Cinema, and also made huge leaps forward to some compelling and entertaining modern works that would otherwise remain unseen here in such a great film city like Toronto.

Our gratitude to the President of the BIA Greektown on the Danforth, Mr. Dino Voidonicholas is immense, as to our contributing sponsors. My personal thanks to the office of the Consul General Dimtris Azemopoulos and his staff of the Greek Consulate of Toronto is unflinching. And of course this entire event can be credited to Mr. Ted Manziaris, whose initial vision and drive made this all a reality.

Lastly, the core group of exceptional talents that have made this a success in the first two years, and have given the city of Toronto a rare glimpse into lost but truly classic films of a bygone era in Greece. Konstantine Arnokouros, Argie Eliopoulos, George Sairoglou, Yorgo Karakostas, Nick Thalassinos and Theodore Nanos have been the unsung heroes of this entire enterprise.

I welcome all of you to come down to the Danforth for the third weekend in June for seven films full of laughs, tears and true Greek drama on the big screen.


Dannis Koromilas

GFR Director - Dannis Koromilas