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2011 - Sirens on the Coast

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Trailer for the Toronto Greek Film Retrospective 2011

from Friday, June 24 - Sunday, June 26, 2011 at the Royal Cinema (608 College Street).

Music Courtesy of: Dimitrios Bogris, Toronto
(song titled: Diplopenies)

Crystal Nights

(Krystallines Nyhtes)
Greece, 1992, 138 min
Director: Tonia Marketaki

In Athens in 1936, Isabella, the German wife of a Greek army officer in the period of the Metaxas dictatorship, initiated in mysticism and possessing supernatural powers, falls in love with a much younger man, Alberto, a Jewish youth who delivers ice. Their union and communication is absolute but a little later Alberto “disappears”. Isabella uses her magic powers to bring him back to her but his eyes have a “lifeless” look. Isabella kills herself. A few years later, during the German occupation, she is reincarnated as Anna, a young Jewish girl and the daughter of relatives and neighbors of Alberto. As she wants to grow up alone with him, she locks him up in a safe place and turns her fellow Jews over to the Gestapo. Almost a decade later we find Anna, now a teenager, trying to win Alberto’s love. After their first and only erotic union, Alberto sensing the impasse decides to marry a woman his age, a “foreigner”, and to live a “normal life”. Anna avenges herself with the magic power of fire. After her love for Alberto finally fades she is reborn as Marianna in the Athens of 1983. Greek Film Center –digital archive

A Matter of Dignity

(Το Τελευταίο ψέμα)
Greece, 1960, 112 min
Director: Michael Kakagiannis

During one of her parents many parties, Chloe learns that they are bankrupt. She is being courted by Niko, a wealthy Greek American, so she decides to charm him. He's quickly captivated. That night, she also meets the masculine Galanos and sparks fly. Niko proposes, Chloe accepts, Galanos tries to change her mind. Her father wants to disclose their finances to Niko, her mother argues against it as a matter of dignity. The family's long-time servant must care for her son, who's had an accident. She's has not been paid in months, reminds Chloe to send money, and waits in her village as the hospital bills mount.

A Girl In Black

(Το Κορίτσι με τα Μαύρα)
Greece, 1956, 100 min
Director: Michael Kakogiannis

The film takes place on the Greek island of Hydra, where two Athenian visitors become entangled in local feuds after one of them falls in love with a local girl.

Ena Gelasto Apogevma

(ενα γελαστο απογευμα)
Greece, 1979, 97 min
Director: Andreas Thomopoulos

In a tortured climate, Kourkoulos is a brave man fighting for democracy in Greece during the dictatorship of 1967. The film illustrates the love of two young persons and pinpoints the problems in modern Greece with social perspectives.

Learn How to Read and Write, Son

(Μάθε Παιδί μου Γράμματα)
Greece, 1981, 96 min
Director: Thodoros Marangos

The main plot unfolds in a mountainous village somewhere inArcadia shortly after Metapolitefsi. Periklos, a conservative journalist from high school, came to clash with his wife Elpida, even with their two sons Sokratis and Dimosthenis which defends Chrysanthi's selfishness and her family to put a crown in memory of Kannavos.


Greece, 1955, 100 min
Director: Michael Kakogiannis

The story of a young,wild woman who doesn't want to compromise and settle down. Stella is a restless, rebellious Greek woman who plays with men and enjoys her life as much as she can. But when she meets a young football player, things get mixed up. She loves him but she loves her freedom too. So it's about time she made an important choice.

The Stone Years

(Petrina Xronia)
Greece, 1985, 142 min
Director: Pantelis Voulgaris

The true story of a couple's love and commitment told against the background of turbulent Greek politics from the end of the civil war to the fall of the military dictatorship.

Tighten Your Belt Thanasis

(Θαναση Σφιξε κι αλλο το Ζωναρι)
Greece, 1980, 93 min.
Director: Theodoros Marangos

Thanasis, an honest tax collector, cannot make ends meet and has a problem providing the basic necessities for his family. So, his wife is forced to get a job in a factory and as a result they don't see each other at all. A little later Thanasis' boss entrusts him with the tax audit of a factory where Thanasis discovers there is big tax evasion happening. However, his boss instead of praising him transfers him to the border. Thanasis, in despair at the idea of separating from his family, decides to go on a hunger strike outside the revenue office and as a result loses his job.

The Striker with Number 9

(Η Φανέλα με το "9")
Greece, 1989, 121 min
Director: Pantelis Voulgaris

Vassilis is a young, good-looking soccer player who has adjusted to the rootless life, moving from city to city, woman to woman, hotel room to hotel room. But, just as he reaches his peak at the age of 23, Vassilis discovers that he is not the independent player he has imagined, that he is indeed nothing more than a cog in a corrupt machine, a machine that's willing to destroy him if he makes any trouble. Voulgaris typically avoids the clichés inherent in the story of the rise and fall of a sports star, and focuses instead on the loneliness and bewilderment of the naive Vassilis.

Invincible Lovers

(Akatanikiti Erastes)
Greece, 1988, 80 min.
Director: Stavros Tsiolis

Twelve-year-old Vasilis escapes the orphanage, wanders a while in the capital and then takes the train for his hometown, Tripolis. As he wanders through the mountains of Arcadia, he meets a girl whose car has broken down. They become friends and spend the summer together, until Vasilis returns to his grandmother's house, which he finds abandoned and in ruin. The girl disappears, and Vasilis, deserted and alone, takes the road to Tripolis, where, in order to make ends meet, he performs odd jobs. On the day celebrating his patron saint, however, he abandons the city and takes the road back to his village.